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Title: 7-Zip
Post by: Anonymous on November 21, 2003, 12:34:43 AM

This is a free compression tool that works with zip, rar, and all the other popular formats.

7-Zip actually beats WinZip with its native format by up to 70%, and even creates smaller zips than WinZip.

Title: 7-Zip
Post by: Anonymous on March 14, 2004, 03:35:35 PM
I tried it and after 5 minutes went back to winRAR. Will continue to use winRAR till someone beats it. This proggie didnt.

Title: 7-Zip
Post by: admin on March 14, 2004, 07:44:45 PM
In what ways was it inadequate?

Title: 7-Zip
Post by: admin on May 23, 2004, 12:45:25 AM
DeveloperSide.NET Web-Server Suite package, total size 114MB

7z created 7z format(solid with self-extractor included) 22.7MB
*could get down to less than 21MB with better settings
WinRAR created RAR format(solid with self-extractor included) 24.3MB

7z created RAR format(non-solid) 33.9MB
WinRAR created ZIP format(non-solid) 39.8MB

7z was used to create RAR because it turned out to be a bit smaller than WinRAR created RAR.

WinRAR was used to create ZIP because I did not have WinZIP and should be about the same size.

Title: re
Post by: John Van Vliet on June 01, 2004, 06:20:22 AM
hi new to this fourm but i have been using 7 zip for 3 years and LOVE it

Title: 7-Zip
Post by: Demoric on January 12, 2005, 11:59:35 PM
Another great free zip utility that does 7-ZIP, A, ACE, ARC, ARJ, B64, BH, BZ2, BZA, CAB, CPIO, DEB, ENC, GCA, GZ, GZA, HA, JAR, LHA, LIB, LZH, MBF, MIM, PAK, PK3, RAR, RPM, TAR, TAZ, TBZ,
TGZ, TZ, UUE, WAR, XXE, YZ1, Z, ZIP, ZOO is available at

Title: 7-Zip
Post by: Xbot on January 13, 2005, 01:00:04 AM
I use to compress:

Install Creator, when I have time (
Power Archiver (

Install Creator has so far proved to do the best in compression--for some reason, the .exe format it makes works insanely well (I think when I calculated it, it did 60% more efficient than WinRar.)

Install Creator is 100% free--the only limit is the ad at the end of each install, which is pretty much a "created by Clickteam free" and then you click exit and it's over.