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Title: Additional Program
Post by: natcolley on December 28, 2007, 04:23:46 PM
Full disclosure: technically, this is not a webdeveloper problem. this has to do with the additional program I mentioned to you a few weeks ago. I got it running on a test server (not my box) set up with php4 and mysql4 so I could at least play with it. Now I am trying to get it working on 1.95, which of course is php5 and mysql5 - and windows too, which the original developers apparently never tested it on. The problem is, you may recall, that the original developers abandoned it. Not only that, they refuse to talk about it, which includes answering questions.
Anyway, there is an _.htaccess file which one is supposed to turn to in case there are installation problems. But my system will not let me rename this file .htaccess. I get the error message "you must type a file name". I went to the apache site, where it talks about AccessFileName, but that seems to relate to what file apache should be looking for. I don't know why I can't rename it, there are plenty of other .htaccess files already in 1.95 as you know. The problem seems to be the 'dot' - windows sees htaccess as the extension, not the file name, so what do I need to do here?

also, can you tell me what a k.o. p parameter is?

Title: Re: Additional Program
Post by: admin on December 29, 2007, 02:54:51 PM
Open the file in notepad, and save it as .htaccess.

Title: Re: Additional Program
Post by: natcolley on January 02, 2008, 09:35:12 PM
Thanks. I mentioned before that I don't seem to be able to get into localhost/webdeveloper anymore. I assume I could reconstruct the old vhost setup, get in that way and then put it back the way it is now, but I would think there would be a simpler way. I tried putting c:/www/phpmyadmin/index.php into the url but I got file not found: firefox can't find the file at /C:/www/phpmyadmin/navigation.php<?php echo $url_query; ?>. It suggests I check for capitalization or typing errors, or to see if the file was moved, renamed or deleted. There is a navigation.php in the same folder. Suggestions?

Title: Re: Additional Program
Post by: admin on January 03, 2008, 01:51:29 AM
Just that its not going to work using paths. Only URLs.