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Title: Switch to Drupal
Post by: natcolley on January 21, 2008, 02:35:13 AM
Forget it. After I sent this off, I went back to vhosts to put it back to joomla while waiting for your answer, only to see I didn't change the document root. Sheesh. It's ok now.

As I mentioned, I've been playing with Drupal and have decided to switch one of my sites over to it. However, it keeps coming up forbidden, you do not have permission to access / on this server.

When I decided to make the switch, here are the changes I made, trying to follow what I did on the folder Drupal is replacing:

I changed vhosts for this domain from joomla to drupal
I changed drupal htaccess to uncomment allow from all
I commented out rewrite base /drupal in drupal htaccess

But it still comes up forbidden. What did I miss? I tried it with rewrite base / uncommented but that didn't work either.

If it matters, this domain is second on the vhosts list. The other domain still comes up fine. Drupal is uncommented on components.conf and Thx.