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Title: Using Fedora Core 2
Post by: malves on July 11, 2004, 11:45:05 PM
Do I need to update anything? Here are the relevant packages already installed by default:


I am only missing:


All currently installed packages have a coresponding RPM. If I want to fully update to the latest greatest should I just rpm -e everything I am updating and build the installs to the defaults specifed in your instructions or should I leave it as is? What do you recommend?

Title: Using Fedora Core 2
Post by: admin on July 12, 2004, 12:20:14 AM
If you have to ask, I would be on the safe side and just leave it be.

Most of the listed components are up to date.

The way it works with RedHat (Fedora) is that all bug fixes get backported, meaning that while you can have version 1.5 of a component, all fixes from current versions (1.5+) get backported to 1.5.

So you stay current from the bug fix point of view, but not the features/enhancements point of view.

Though if you have the time, and just want to learn, go ahead.  Just don't try it on your production system.

As far as installing to default locations, I like to keep my components in contained directories (/usr/local/apache2), and not all over the file system...  When you install components via RPM, usually some files will go to /bin, others to /var, and so on and on (instead of just /usr/local/apache2 and sub dirs).