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Title: MSN search....
Post by: admin on October 12, 2003, 08:52:47 PM
This site ranks very well for relevant keywords on google.

And we were even higher up on MSN.  When google gave us #30 for something, msn had us at #3.

Now, it seems that MSN does not even rank us for our name.  'devside' gets me number #9.

I have heard rumors that MSN has been purposely downgrading GPL/Open-Source results.

And considering that this site is all about using GPL/OS software on Windows......

I know that with a very large, established site MSN would never do this, but with an upcoming site that has all the potential of turning into a very large well established source on running an Apache2, PHP, MySQL, Perl web-server that competes with all the MS products and beats ever one of those products in every aspect of that category, while being free...