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Author Topic: Feedback & Suggestion  (Read 12384 times)
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« on: May 21, 2006, 10:30:00 PM »

Hey DevSide

I finally got around to registering and wanted to drop in a line.

I really like this package and have been using it for about a year. As a hosting provider I am running redhat with Cpanel in a datacenter which is completely automated. Problemis I can not get a Cpanel license from my office servers.

As a developer I needed a local server environment to build developments on without the hassle of FTPing after every change. Which is how I found out about DevSide.

With this application I am able to have a local server environment that I can develop on and still have client view the development as changes are being made. All without FTP, or having to take time aside to learn linux.

I didnít have the time to learn about server administration and DevSide took a lot of the guess work out.

If I could make any suggestion it would be more automation for those of us that donít have the time to jump in and work with the code.

For example, My firm sets up a development account for every new client, (all running on DevSide without any problems)  Many of which are incorporating a cms, bb, or shopping cart all of which need a independent mysql user/password database.

Now setting these up is a pain staking process when your dealing with new clients daily.

Can you please suggest a way to automate this process much like Cpanel does for me on my hosting server? Or maybe I am making it harder then it has to be?

Thank you in advance.
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« Reply #1 on: May 22, 2006, 03:30:39 AM »

Should be simple enough to do with PHP. For each new user, the PHP script would create MySQL user, permissions, and database -- then the script would call any cms, bb, and/or shopping cart native setup/install.php scripts with all the fields pre-set with client info. Most of these packages are just php and mysql -- with a few being perl...

Actually, I have been thinking about creating another package that integrates a forum, blog, wiki, cms, and other apps -- probably phpBB or SMF, WordPress, MediaWiki or TWiki, Joomla (a Mambo fork) or Drupal. Or maybe even a set of scripts that automate the process for the basic package -- sounds like a really good idea... but first I have to catch up with a few other things.

Thank you for the input -- it is always welcome here.

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« Reply #2 on: March 31, 2007, 04:32:40 PM »

       I have been following DevSide for over a year right now, and I am glad that the developers at DevSide deemed it fit to release the https enabled package for all. I greatly appreciate the endeavours of the DevSide team. With the new extras in view, I would like to suggest that it would be a great addition if more sophisticated stuff was included in the package that could enable someone behind a restricted college LAN to host his site on the web. [For example my college LAN is firewalled and we do not even have a direct connection to the internet and have to operate via proxies]
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