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Author Topic: Using OpenSSL for Sign/Verify/Enc/Dec of files  (Read 13137 times)
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« on: November 02, 2005, 09:38:49 PM »


I put my goal up front:
I would like to link openSSL (ie. the cryptolib) to to my application to make my application Sign and Verify files (and encrypt/decrypt).
Platform is Windows and VS.NET.

So far I have (by means of OpenSSL.exe) created an CA-cert and a user's cert.
I have compiled the file sign.c (in .../crypto/pkcs7/) to sign a file. The asn1-parse assured me of the correctness of the signed file.
But how could I use verify.c (in the same directory) to do a verification?
The problem seems to be how to set up a cert-store?
Is a cert-store f.i. just a file with trusted CA-s?
Has anybody done this or does anyone have any hints on this problem?

I also have been looking for more documentation on the (pkcs7-) routines.
Is there an url for more doc?

Regards, Erik

By the way:
I am really amazed of this site. I downloaded the software and followed the guidelines. It compiled straight through - no complaints, and OpenSSL.exe ran and did what it should. Congratulations!
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