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Author Topic: PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library  (Read 126555 times)
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« Reply #15 on: December 20, 2005, 01:29:11 PM »

It is clear that there are a number of people out there WITHOUT the basic knowledge to deal with the many solutions provided in the package this site offers.  I am one of those people who have enough knowledge to be dangerous but with a little work on my own I have resolved the issue reported in this thread and my server is up and running nicely.

It is clear that there are people out there that WHINE and MOAN at having to do any sort of THINKING on their own.  I am happy that this other package you are using is working for you but I wish to offer a word advice.

Being this suite is FREE and being you are clearly relying on the KINDNESS of others to assist you in the creation of your site it is just plain BAD MANNERS to post links to other packages much less state the package offered here requires "a lot of work be done".

I for one have had no issues and THANK all involved with this project.  The time and energy they put into this surely has made setting up my own server an easy task.  Also, the additional information and tips on the site are a welcome addition being I am one of those people who actually want to LEARN about the solution I am using and not just click an icon and complain when I have to roll up my sleeves and get my own hands a little dirty.

Thanks for letting me rant...
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« Reply #16 on: January 29, 2006, 02:23:08 PM »

I have the same error:

Unable to load dynamic library 'C:/www/php5/ext/php_mysqli.dll - The specified module could not be found.

I did what you guys advised edited the php.ini file, removed the ";" to extension=php_mysql.dll

and then reboot

but when windows starts up that same error pops up.. "Unable to load dynamic library 'C:/www/php5/ext/php_mysqli.dll - The specified module could not be found."

I have installed the older version of this suite before with no errors.. I don't know what went wrong with my installation with this new version... PLease help.
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« Reply #17 on: January 29, 2006, 08:19:16 PM » and the post right after it.

BTW, I do not think...

I did what you guys advised edited the php.ini file, removed the ";" to extension=php_mysql.dll
...was ever a/the solution.

You either have a dll like libmysql.dll under one of your systemroot dirs, and if thats not it, just copy over php's libmysql.dll over.

Just follow those two posts in the link.

Advanced PHP and MySQL Solutions for your Web Design and Development needs with Web.Developer Server Suite.
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« Reply #18 on: February 14, 2006, 08:33:07 PM »

[Edited by Admin]

OK so it seems that every time I rebuild my Apache, PHP, MySQL development environment on a Windows box (currently XP Pro), I go through the same set of problems getting my extension dlls to load.  This thread popped up fairly high while googling “apache php startup unable to load” and didn’t really do much to solve my “PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library “ problem.  I finally got it all figured out and am I’m posting the following tips, all gleaned from a bit of trial and error and a more judicious reading of the install.txt file (as in reading beyond the Apache specific section).

[edit]: Being the administrator of this site, I've seen this problem a hundred times before...

First, you don’t need to copy your php.ini dir to the WINDOWS directory.  It just needs to be were you’ve told Apache to look for it in your httpd.conf file.

[edit]: You can use the "PHPIniDir" directive under httpd.conf, but it really is best to keep your ini files where they always were by default -- the system root directory.

Ditto for the dlls in your extensions directory and the extension_dir setting in your php.ini file.
You do need to copy (not move) the dlls in the main php folder to your WINDOWS/system32 folder.  This will get most of the commonly used extensions working.

[edit]: How about just specifing the extension directory under php.ini (correctly -- with an ending backslash and the right syntax), and adding the PHP DLL directory to the PATH?  Copying all those DLLs to your system32 directory is a _serious_ mistake.  One, they do not belong there.  Two, whats going to happen when you upgrade PHP and forget about all those old DLLs?  Thats how a lot of these problems get started.

Second, some of the extensions in the php.ini-recommended file require additional dlls that are not included in the download.  Some are also dependant on other extensions.

[edit]: Pehaps this was your problem, in that case you just need to uncomment the right extensions and read the right note about this -- which is included in both our PHP Guides.

The following is from the install.txt file included with

hopefully this will save someone some time


  The following table describes some of the extensions available and
   required additional dlls.

   Table 2-1. PHP Extensions
   Extension Description Notes
   php_bz2.dll bzip2 compression functions None
   php_calendar.dll Calendar conversion functions Built in since PHP
   php_cpdf.dll ClibPDF functions None
   php_crack.dll Crack functions None
   php_ctype.dll ctype family functions Built in since PHP 4.3.0
   php_curl.dll CURL, Client URL library functions Requires:
   libeay32.dll, ssleay32.dll (bundled)
   php_cybercash.dll Cybercash payment functions PHP <= 4.2.0
   php_db.dll DBM functions Deprecated. Use DBA instead (php_dba.dll)
   php_dba.dll DBA: DataBase (dbm-style) Abstraction layer functions None
   php_dbase.dll dBase functions None
   php_dbx.dll dbx functions
   php_domxml.dll DOM XML functions PHP <= 4.2.0 requires: libxml2.dll
   (bundled) PHP >= 4.3.0 requires: iconv.dll (bundled)
   php_dotnet.dll .NET functions PHP <= 4.1.1
   php_exif.dll EXIF functions php_mbstring.dll. And, php_exif.dll must
   be loaded after php_mbstring.dll in php.ini.
   php_fbsql.dll FrontBase functions PHP <= 4.2.0
   php_fdf.dll FDF: Forms Data Format functions. Requires: fdftk.dll
   php_filepro.dll filePro functions Read-only access
   php_ftp.dll FTP functions Built-in since PHP 4.0.3
   php_gd.dll GD library image functions Removed in PHP 4.3.2. Also note
   that truecolor functions are not available in GD1, instead, use
   php_gd2.dll GD library image functions GD2
   php_gettext.dll Gettext functions PHP <= 4.2.0 requires
   gnu_gettext.dll (bundled), PHP >= 4.2.3 requires libintl-1.dll,
   iconv.dll (bundled).
   php_hyperwave.dll HyperWave functions None
   php_iconv.dll ICONV characterset conversion Requires: iconv-1.3.dll
   (bundled), PHP >=4.2.1 iconv.dll
   php_ifx.dll Informix functions Requires: Informix libraries
   php_iisfunc.dll IIS management functions None
   php_imap.dll IMAP POP3 and NNTP functions None
   php_ingres.dll Ingres II functions Requires: Ingres II libraries
   php_interbase.dll InterBase functions Requires: gds32.dll (bundled)
   php_java.dll Java functions PHP <= 4.0.6 requires: jvm.dll (bundled)
   php_ldap.dll LDAP functions PHP <= 4.2.0 requires libsasl.dll
   (bundled), PHP >= 4.3.0 requires libeay32.dll, ssleay32.dll (bundled)
   php_mbstring.dll Multi-Byte String functions None
   php_mcrypt.dll Mcrypt Encryption functions Requires: libmcrypt.dll
   php_mhash.dll Mhash functions PHP >= 4.3.0 requires: libmhash.dll
   php_mime_magic.dll Mimetype functions Requires: magic.mime (bundled)
   php_ming.dll Ming functions for Flash None
   php_msql.dll mSQL functions Requires: msql.dll (bundled)
   php_mssql.dll MSSQL functions Requires: ntwdblib.dll (bundled)
   php_mysql.dll MySQL functions PHP >= 5.0.0, requires libmysql.dll
   php_mysqli.dll MySQLi functions PHP >= 5.0.0, requires libmysql.dll
   (libmysqli.dll in PHP <= 5.0.2) (bundled)
   php_oci8.dll Oracle 8 functions Requires: Oracle 8.1+ client libraries
   php_openssl.dll OpenSSL functions Requires: libeay32.dll (bundled)
   php_oracle.dll Oracle functions Requires: Oracle 7 client libraries
   php_overload.dll Object overloading functions Built in since PHP 4.3.0
   php_pdf.dll PDF functions None
   php_pgsql.dll PostgreSQL functions None
   php_printer.dll Printer functions None
   php_shmop.dll Shared Memory functions None
   php_snmp.dll SNMP get and walk functions NT only!
   php_soap.dll SOAP functions PHP >= 5.0.0
   php_sockets.dll Socket functions None
   php_sybase_ct.dll Sybase functions Requires: Sybase client libraries
   php_tidy.dll Tidy functions PHP >= 5.0.0
   php_tokenizer.dll Tokenizer functions Built in since PHP 4.3.0
   php_w32api.dll W32api functions None
   php_xmlrpc.dll XML-RPC functions PHP >= 4.2.1 requires: iconv.dll
   php_xslt.dll XSLT functions PHP <= 4.2.0 requires sablot.dll,
   expat.dll (bundled). PHP >= 4.2.1 requires sablot.dll, expat.dll,
   iconv.dll (bundled).
   php_yaz.dll YAZ functions Requires: yaz.dll (bundled)
   php_zip.dll Zip File functions Read only access
   php_zlib.dll ZLib compression functions Built in since PHP 4.3.0

Note: For anyone else -- just read the metioned thread and our PHP Guide.
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« Reply #19 on: February 21, 2006, 05:05:09 PM »

Hi I have a similar problem with loading three .DLL files: php_mbstring.dll, php_mysql.dll and php_mysqli.dll.

I did try several methods mentioned above (uncomment php_mysql; add /www/php5/ext to PATH; copy libmysql.dll to SYSTEM) but the problem persists when I do "net start apache2".

Any idea? Thanks!
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« Reply #20 on: February 21, 2006, 06:29:36 PM »

There was a typo. Thanks anyway!
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